Electronic Design

Linux Camera Accelerates Embedded-Vision Design

Based on ELINOS, an embedded version of the Linux operating system, the miniHiPerCam is a full-feature embedded Linux camera. The miniHiPerCam comes with a color or a high-sensitivity/high-contrast black-and-white CMOS image sensor. Both sensors operate at 640- by 480-pixel resolution and at a frame rate of 15 or 30 Hz. The sensor is internally wound to the embedded controller board, which features a PowerPC 823 processor with a 50-MHz clock speed. For images and run-time data, 16 Mbytes of memory are included. The ELINOS operating system (with an embedded HTTP server) and application software are hosted by 8 Mbytes of flash memory. Two serial RS-232 I/O ports and one 10-Mbit Ethernet port are available to exchange commands, data, and images with the camera's surrounding computing environment. SEDO, a comprehensive security application program, is available as source code to demonstrate the ease of application programming on the miniHiPerCam. The color and monochrome versions both come in a sturdy aluminum case no larger than a small surveillance camera. Pricing starts at $1080 for a single evaluation unit. Each version of the miniHiPerCam is available from stock, and volume discounts are offered.

American ELTEC
www.americaneltec.com; (702) 878-4085

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