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Linux Kernel Pre-loaded Onto Pentium PC

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Release 2 of the company’s Linux development package is now available on its SBC2590 Embedded Pentium board. This 8" x 5.75" EBX format board is packed with I/O including four serial ports, an SVGA flat-panel interface, eight channels of analog input, four channels of analog output and 10/100-BASE-TX Ethernet. A startup Linux system pre-loaded onto the SBC2590 is meant to connect to a Red Hat desktop system through an Ethernet connection. Upon power up, the company’s installation wizard aids development. The Linux development system, which includes an SBC2590 with 8 MB RAM, 24 MB of flash disk, and Ethernet, is $1,250 for the first unit. MICRO/SYS INC., Montrose, CA. (818) 244-4600.

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