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Linux Support Packages Speed OEM Development

VersaLogic Corp. has introduced Linux board support packages (BSPs) for its Gecko and Puma single-board computers (SBCs). The packages are based on the popular Debian Linux, which has been configured for easy installation and support of each board’s hardware features. The Linux install CD streamlines hardware setup by eliminating the need for operating-system (OS) configuration and driver installation by the developer. The Debian Linux OS can be used during system development as a means of exploring the capabilities of the board, or it can be used as the base OS in the target system.

Engineers who have an interest in the Linux OS but aren't familiar with the required setup procedures are the target audience for the BSPs. The packages complement similar software packages previously released for the Cobra (EBX) and Cheetah (PC/104-Plus) SBCs. With the use of bundled software, embedded engineers can move through the development stage faster. The software CDs are available to qualified OEMs as part of a product evaluation order of a VersaLogic SBC.


The Linux BSPs for the Gecko and Puma are available now. Contact the company for a free 45-day product evaluation that includes a Debian Linux package.


Visit www.VersaLogic.com.

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