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Load Board Aids In Cooling Of VME Chassis

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Developed to enhance testing of VME systems, the 6U VME Load Board aids in ensuring adequate chassis cooling and verifying that the VME chassis is capable of meeting the power requirements of the system or VITA specs. The load board tests a system's cooling capabilities by first applying the load to the power supply for verification and finally creating the necessary heat to confirm chassis cooling.
Other performance characteristics of the board include visual go/no go indicators for each voltage displaying that the voltage is within ± 5% of nominal and primary voltage test points, and +V1, +V2, -V1, -V2, ACFAIL, SYSRESE, SYSFAIL and ground test points. The load board also provides power supply loading that utilizes binary switches to impose a load ranging from 0 ohms to 7 ohms of the primary load.
The board is set to begin shipping in June of 2001 and price has not yet been disclosed.

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