Electronic Design
Logic Analyzer Adapter Accommodates 90-Pin LPDDR SDRAM

Logic Analyzer Adapter Accommodates 90-Pin LPDDR SDRAM

Using a logic analyzer or an oscilloscope, the LA-BGA-LPDDR-SDRAM-01 logic analyzer adapter enables memory-device analysis for PDAs, cell phones, digital cameras, and MP3 players. Reported features of the component include the shortest possible trace length for maximum speed, low inductance, low capacitance, and fine-pitch PCB design technology. The adapter consists of three parts: BGA adapter, probe board, and SMT base. The SMT base is soldered to the target system board while the probe board plugs into the SMT base and employs a PCB with power planes to deliver all data, address, control, and clock signals to AMP Mictor connectors. Single-unit price for the LA-BGA-LPDDR-SDRAM-01 is $1,195. IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS, Burnsville, MN. (800) 404-0204.
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