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Logic Analyzer Adapter Debugs SDRAM

Compatible with Agilent's 16XXX logic-analyzer system, the PB-BGA60C-DDRRAM-RIGID-01 logic-analyzer adapter enables full-speed debugging of low-power, 0.8-mm pitch SDRAM. Designed to interface with FBGA packages, the adapter consists of two parts. The surface-mount foot is soldered to the target system board in place of the BGA, while the probe board plugs into the SMT base and employs a PCB with power planes to deliver all data, address, control, and clock signals to Mictor connectors. The 512-Mb Mobile DDR RAM chip is surface mounted on the male BGA adapter, which plugs into the female BGA socket soldered to the probe board. Price for the PB-BGA60C-DDRRAM-RIGID-01 is $1,050 each. IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS, Eagan, MN. (800) 404-0204.


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