Electronic Design

Logic Analyzer Modules Tout Eye-Scan Mode

A line of 600-MHz logic analysis modules and probes provides critical insight for debug and validation of high-speed digital designs. A new eye-scan function on the logic analyzers enables designers to simultaneously examine eye diagrams of as many as 340 signals simultaneously, with offending errors identified instantly. The analyzers provide 300- to 600-MHz state analysis speed and 600-MHz to 1.2-GHz conventional deep timing analysis. High-resolution timing measurements are enabled with 4-GHz simultaneous timing analysis on all channels with 64 ksamples of deep memory. An eye-finder feature examines the signals and automatically adjusts the sampling point in each individual channel. Accompanying soft-touch compression probes provide high reliability and low loading without requiring mating connectors on the board. The 16753A logic analyzer offers 1-Msample memory depth, and the 16754A supplies 4 Msamples of memory. The 16755A and 16756A models feature 16 and 64 Msamples of memory, respectively. Pricing ranges from $22,000 for the 16753A to $42,000 for the 16756A model. Availability is estimated at four weeks. The E5387A 17-channel differential soft-touch probe will be available in the fourth quarter of this year for an estimated price of $2000.

Agilent Technologies Inc.
www.agilent.com; (800) 452-4844, ext. 7760

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