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Logic Analyzer/Scope Probes Handle LPDDR BGA SDRAM

The LPDDR BGA probe provides signal access points for electrical, timing, and protocol characterization of low-power double-data-rate (LPDDR) and mobile-double-data rate SDRAM. It is an excellent probing solution at the LPDDR and mobile-DDR ball-grid array (BGA) package ballout, which is defined in JEDEC’s JESD209A standard. The probe supports two SDRAM package sizes. The W2637A BGA probe supports the x16 SDRAM package, and the W2638A BGA probe supports the x32 SDRAM package. Embedded resistors in the probe provide good isolation between the signals on the system and the loading effect of oscilloscope and logic analyzer probes. Both probes are compatible with 0.8-mm ball-pitch SDRAM packages. The LPDDR BGA probe is used with the company’s E5384A and E5826A cables to connect to a logic analyzer. Users can also connect the probe to an oscilloscope using the E2678A InfiniiMax socket probe head through the W2639A LPDDR scope adapter board, which can be attached to the LPDDR BGA probe. The InfiniiMax can be easily socketed to the access pins on the LPDDR scope probe adapter. The W2639A LPDDR scope adapter board is also compatible with the W2630A series DDR2 BGA probes. Pricing for the W2637A, W2638A and W2639A LPDDR BGA probe and scope adapter board starts at $500. The probe adapter is available now. AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Santa Clara, CA. (800) 829-4444.


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