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Logic Combines High Speed And Low Noise

The VHC/VHCT family of 5V logic delivers a typical output current of 8 mA, compared to 4 to 6 mA for HC/HCT families, while typical switching at speeds of 8.5 ns compared to 23 ns for HC/HCT devices. The new logic is intended for use on motherboards, notebook computers, industrial equipment, telecomm switches and other applications requiring upgrade from HC/HCT devices. The VHC devices operate from 2V to 5.5V supplies and the TTL input-compatible VHCT chips operate from 4.5V to 5.5V supplies. Power-down protection is provided for inputs and outputs. The VHC/VHCT family covers all popular SSI functions, such as simple gates, inverters and Schmitt triggers, decoders and multiplexers, flip-flops and latches, monostables and quad and octal buffers. In standard SOPs and TSSOPs, the devices are compatible with VHC/VHCT devices from Toshiba, TI and Fairchild. Single-gate VHC/VHCT devices are available in SOT23-5L and the ultra-compact SC-70 for limited PCB space, with 2-input AND, OR, NOR and XOR gates as well as a variety of inverters.


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