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Logic Devices Meld More Functions In Smaller Space

Two TinyLogic devices have been added to the firm's expanding 6-lead package line. With a footprint of 2.1 x 2.0 mm, the devices replace two to three separate functions and require one-third the space on pc boards of most 8-lead devices. The NC7SZ18 is a 1-of-2 non-inverting demultiplexer that buffers the data on the A pin and passes it to either output Y0 or Y1 dependent on whether the state of the select pin is Low or High, respectively. The deselected output is placed into a high impedance state. The NC7SZ19 is a 1-of-2 decoder with common output enable. It is commonly used to select between alternate functions or to select additional chips, such as flash memory in portable communication devices. Typical uses of the devices include products that require high board density, such as PDAs and notebook PCs. Pricing is $0.35 each/10,000.


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