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Long-Lead LED Package Mounts Flat On A PC-Board

With the addition of longer leads than its predecessor, OPTEK’s OVTL01LGAxS 1-W surface-mount LED package can be mounted flat on a printed-circuit board. The device’s older sibling, the OVTL01LGA, required an indentation in the pc-board for the device to be mounted flat. Eliminating the need to drill or alter the board saves time and manufacturing cost, while improving the stability of the LED package on the board, notes OPTEK Technology, which is part of TT electronics plc. The package offers high-luminance, a 140° viewing angle, and water-clear lenses. It is available in amber, blue, green, red, cool white (7000°K), and daylight white (5500°K).

The new package measures 6.00 by 5.10 by 1.56 mm. The LEDs have a dc forward current of 0.35 A, with a peak pulse forward current of 1 A. Typical forward voltage characteristics range from 2.0 to 3.3 V, depending on color, and reverse voltage for all devices is 5 V. The maximum allowable junction temperature is 130°C, and the device’s thermal resistance is a very low 2°C/W. The operating temperature range is −50°C to 85°C. Typical pricing for the OVTL01LGAxS series starts at $1.30 each in quantities of 10,000. If stock is not available for production quantities, lead times are eight to 10 weeks. For more information, go to www.optekinc.com/products/VLED_Lednium.asp.

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