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Looking For The Best XPort Pro Design

Looking For The Best XPort Pro Design

Lantronix is holding its XPort Pro design contest again. I've been one of the judges for this annual event and have seen some interesting applications utilizing various Lantronix XPort products. This time Linux is in the mix, since it fits on their latest XPort Pro module. Lantronix's Evolution OS is also available on the XPort Pro. Evaluation kits are a bargain at $99, for those who don't already have one.

August 6, 2010 is the due date, but don't leave this until the last minute. Even module-based design can take a while to refine. The pros get to target two awards of $6000 and $3000. Students compete in their own category with a top prize of $3000. Sounds like a great summer project, but get started in May rather than July.

For those unfamiliar with the XPort line, the XPort Pro is the latest module from Lantronix. It is a large RJ-45 jack that houses a 32-bit micro with 16 Mbytes of flash and 8 Mbytes of SDRAM. It also has a high-speed serial port and 3 GPIO pins. Just supply power, an application board and your software. Both Linux and the Evolution OS handle networking chores from email to web services. This includes SSLv3 and SSHv2 client and server support as well as AES, 3DES and RC4 encryption support.

Remote management is possible when the devices are integrated with ManageLinx, Lantronix's web-based device management service. The XPort product family also includes wireless modules as well modules like the MatchPort b/g Pro.

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