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Low-Cost Accelerometer Measures Vibration In Three Axes

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ACH-04-08-05 accelerometer contains three piezoelectric sensing elements oriented to simultaneously measure acceleration in three linear axis. The three sensing elements are integrated into a monolithic, stamped and formed beam array, allowing for low-cost manufacture. And internal JFETs provide for a low impedance, buffered output with possibilities for a wide variety of ultra-low power, application-specific signal conditioning circuits. The patented sensor can respond over a broad, 1-Hz to 5-kHz frequency range and also features excellent linearity and ultra-low power dissipation (2 µA/axis).Built into a small, surface-mount, 14-pin package, ACH-04-08-05 accelerometer attaches directly to pc boards and is well-suited for a wide range of applications, including speaker feedback systems, vibration switches, 3D "air-mouse" and pointing devices, shipment monitors and material handling systems, security systems, data loggers, and motion measurement systems. The IC package is sealed to minimize the effects of normal exposure to the environment and typical electronic manufacturing cleaning processes.

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