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Low-Cost Card Links PCI And PC/104 Buses

product pic

This low-cost ($97 each/100) PCI bus-to-PC/104 bus adapter card eliminates the need for the legacy ISA bus on circuit boards, freeing up board space for other features-- as much as 2 in.2 is said to be freed up on PC/104-Plus boards. Based on PLX Technology's PCI9052 chip and compliant with PCI Specification 2.1, the PC/104 form-factor card allows PC/104-Plus board developers to use the PCI-only portion of the standard, yet maintain compatibility with the many ISA bus boards in use throughout the world. Other features of the PCI-to-PC/104 adapter card include on-board serial EEPROM for storing configuration parameters, an interrupt generator, a separate power connector, and an on-board generic driver-- other drivers can be developed using KRFTech's WINDriver software.

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