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Low-Cost DSPs Do Multichannel Audio

The Texas Instruments DA707 and DA705, which build on the C6000 DSP architecture, are pin-compatible with the DA708. Both chips have 192 kbytes of SRAM and 768 kbytes for ROM. They also have 32 kbytes of instruction cache. Each chip has two McASP units, a pair of I2C interfaces, and two serial peripheral interfaces. The DA707 has a 16-bit external memory interface. Both chips support dMax.

The chips are designed for high-performance audio applications like digital sound projectors, PC multimedia speakers, and AV receivers that handle multichannel playback of HD and satellite radio and high-definition DVD formats. They provide DTS96/24 decoding with 96-kHz post processing and 7.1 analog inputs and outputs.

The AVR Prototype EVM development kit starts at $1995. It includes analog and digital-IO along with support for eXpressDSP development tools. The DA707 costs $11.33 and the DA705 costs $9.23. The package design permits the use of a two-layer board.

Texas Instruments

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