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Low-Cost EBX Compliant SBC Houses Geode Processor

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Designed for high-volume, embedded applications where reliability, low-power, and long-term availability are imperative, the SBC-Geode-GX1 EBX-compliant single-board computer (SBC) targets applications such as process automation, communications, transportation, and environmental control. Based on the Geode GX-1 multimedia processor from National Semiconductor, the SBC features a 10/100Base-TX Ethernet interface, four serial ports, dual USB ports, SVGA video supporting both LCDs and CRTs, digital I/O, and a parallel port and hard and floppy drive controllers.
A variety of software kits are available with support for popular operating systems that includes Windows NT 4.0/CE 3.0 and Linux, QNX, VxWorks and DOS.

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