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Low-Cost Embedded Controller Cards Available With Ethernet And Display

Engineers looking for a quick, compact way of embedding control and data acquisition features into their new designs have strong candidates for the assignments in the BL2100 Smartcat single-board computers. Powered by a Rabbit 2000 microprocessor running at 22.1 MHz, these small, 4.14'' x 3.41'' form-factor cards pack 40 digital I/O, three RS-232/485 serial ports, 128K of SRAM and 256K of flash, seven timers, and a battery-backed real-time clock. And for demanding applications, BL2100/2120 models come equipped with 11 channels of 12-bit A/D input and four channels of 12-bit D/A output. In addition, the SBCÕs 16 digital push/pull outputs allow per-point sinking or sourcing, addressing the needs of both domestic and international markets. Smartcats can also be equipped for Ethernet connectivity, with Ethernet models having a beginning price of $249 each, while non-Ethernet versions cost as little as $209. The cards can also be ordered with a user interface consisting of a 122 x 32 graphic display and seven re-legendable keys. This option costs $99. The entire board/display/keypad assembly mounts in an integrated plastic enclosure. A low-cost ($119) kit containing all the hardware tools needed to jump-start designs is also available. Z-WORLD, Davis, CA. (530) 757-3737.

Company: Z-WORLD

Product URL: Click here for more information

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