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Low-Cost Imaging System Uses Off-The-Shelf Components

Employing off-the-shelf components, this new imaging system comes complete with CPU, visioning board, camera, imaging software, and tools. At the heart of the system is the Model V254 two-board set consisting of a CPU/PMC module and I/O module designed for the VMEbus. The I/O module supports graphics, 10/100Base-T, ultra-wide SCSI, VME interface, and PC legacy (floppy, IDE, keyboard, mouse, serial, printer, etc.), while the CPU module consists of two 200-MHz Pentiums, four 72-pin standard SIMMs, and two PMC (PCI mezzanine carrier) slots that accept firm's special module that allows any of hundreds of advanced off-the-shelf I/O modules on the PCI to be plugged into the VME board. To form the vision system, a Matrox Pulsar visioning board was added to the VME254. The Pulsar provides up to four camera inputs, 40 MHz digitization, and ultra-high resolution graphics output. The Matrox boards us Windows NT drivers and optional visioning software libraries.


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