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Low-Cost PCI-Bus Boards Tout Precision Sensor Inputs

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High-resolution analog input and output is the focus of the new PCI-441C and PCI-441D PCI bus boards. The latter has 32-single-ended or 16 differential input channels feeding a 16-bit 200 kHz A/D converter. A software programmable gain amplifier (PGA) changes the standard input range of ±10V full scale to 5V, 2V and 1V bipolar ranges to accommodate different transducers. Each input channel accepts additional signal conditioning for sensor and bridge circuits. Two 16-bit D/A output channels include active 4-20 mA loop drivers for process and control applications. Additional features include 16 input and 16 output digital I/O lines, a programmable counter timer and precision reference outputs. The lower-cost PCI-441C omits the D/A section, the digital I/O and 16 of the A/D channels. Available from stock to two weeks ARO, prices in 1-4 quantities are $725 for the PCI-441C and $895 for the PCI-441D.

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