Electronic Design

Low-Cost Single-Board Computer Features eCos System

The Merlin small-footprint single-board computer (SBC) has a 25-MHz Intel 386EX CPU, three serial ports, a 10BaseT Ethernet interface, 2 Mbytes of DRAM, 1 Mbyte of flash, 512 kbytes of battery-backed SRAM, a real-time clock, and an onboard 8- to 18-V dc (or 10- to 16-V ac) power supply. The board includes an I/O expansion port for driving custom I/O, an onboard 48-bit unique ID device, and a battery. It runs eCos, an open-source, royalty-free, real-time operating system. Also, it includes a TCP/IP stack and applications. The Merlin eCos Development Kit costs $312.


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