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Low-Cost VSP Enables Safer Hands-Free Systems

The Hands Free Kit (HFK), consisting of a full-duplex voice signal processor (VSP) and evaluation board, claims to enable users to reduce the time needed to develop and debug hands-free communications products. The kit adapts to most headset architectures and is capable of integrated enhanced voice quality and includes ergonomic and safety features. The VSP chip integrates a third-generation SoC architecture, dual voice codecs, an acoustic echo canceller, a line echo canceller, and noise cancellation. Other features of the VSP include an echo attenuation of 35 dB, a cancellable echo delay time up to 59 ms, and typical noise attenuation of 17 dB (white noise) and 40 dB (single tone). Price is $7 each in volume.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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