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Low-Power 256-Mb FCRAM Targets Mobile Apps

Its high speed and low power consumption make the 256-Mb Mobile Fast Cycle RAM (FCRAM) well-suited for mobile applications like cellular phones. The MB82DDS08314A is a Pseudo Static RAM (PSRAM) with an SRAM interface based on the company’s proprietary FCRAM core technology. The new device uses double data-rate (DDR) burst-mode operation and fully complies with the common specifications for Mobile RAM (COSMORAM) Rev. 4. Also featured are a multiplexed address/data interface, data transfer rates to 1 GB/s, and fast initial access time of 45 ns, which is created by a very short latency mode. The multiplexed address and data buses minimize pin count, which simplifies board design. To efficiently manage power consumption, the chip offers various power-down modes, from full-sleep mode to partial shutdown, depending on the designer’s needs. Also being introduced is the 256-Mb MB82DBS08314A, which complies with COSMORAM Rev. 3. This FCRAM is for designers who need high RAM density with an existing SDR PSRAM interface. Both memories will come in packages or in wafer form. Samples of both devices will be available in January, with volume production scheduled for April 2007. FUJITSU MICROELECTRONICS AMERICA INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 737-5600.


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