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Low-Power Laser Drivers Set To Rev Up DVD Mart

The recent launch of the first two members of a new family of low-power laser diode drivers is expected to help accelerate demand for re-writeable DVDs, as well as spark increased sales of CDs and other end products such as copiers, laser printers and fax machines. The T0800 and T0810 laser drivers consume very little current, simplifying the means required to remove heat, especially for moving parts. In addition to a current-controlled output source with five input channels, the T0800 also boasts of two selectable outputs for grounded laser diodes versus only one for other drivers on the market. This helps qualify the device for use in both existing CD-RW and emerging 4.7-GB DVD-RAM products. Each input channel can support up to 150 mA and each output channel, 200 mA. And an on-chip oscillator helps reduce laser mode hopping noise during read modes. The T0810 laser driver, by contrast, is a 3-channel device with an RF oscillator and a fast-settling adaptive power control (APC) amplifier for use in CD-RW drives. It consumes only 30 mA in the write mode and 40 mA in the read mode, reportedly significant reductions compared to competitve parts. The T0800 comes in a PSSOP24 package costing $2.80 each/10K and the T0810 is housed in a PSSOP16 package priced at $2.35. Samples and an evaluation board are available.


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