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Low-Power Platforms Speed Embedded, Network Designs

The ARM7-based Model DS2148WZ and Spartan-3AN FPGA-based Model DSX50WZ are low-cost, low-power design and development platforms for embedded and network-oriented applications. Model DS2148WZ combines NXP's LPC2148 ARM7 microcontroller with WIZnet’s W5300 network IC, providing a tested, ready-to-implement “shortcut” within embedded design projects requiring an Ethernet or USB interface. The is configurable as a highly efficient web server, without sacrificing the availability of most LPC2148 resources. The W5300 Ethernet controller makes complex TCP/IP packet and web page processing functions no more challenging than working with a universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter. The DS2148WZ is suited for creating a less than 1-W internet appliance, with performance characteristics similar to traditional servers, while providing the added advantage of hardware features such as USB, PWM, UART, I2C, SPI, A/D, and D/A. The Model DSX50WZ combines Xilinx's XC3S50AN Spartan-3AN FPGA and WIZnet’s W5300 hardwired network protocol Ethernet (TCP/IP) controller. With about 33k available gates, DSX50WZ allows for fast creation of a low-power networked product, capable of serving rich web pages. The Spartan-3 board serves web pages from internal flash memory in less than 50 ms. Its accompanying demo http server runs on PicoBlaze, leaving 66% of Spartan resources available. The may also be configured as a very efficient web server, with equivalent performance to larger, traditional servers, while retaining most XC3S50 FPGA resources. Both models measure just 94 by 38 mm and are available now, complete with software examples, at a cost of $87. SAELING COMPANY INC., Pittsford, NY. (585) 385-1750.


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