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Low-Power SBC Features AMD Geode GX 533 Processor

A single-board computer (SBC), the NuPRO-796 from Adlink Technology incorporates an AMD Geode GX 533 processor. The fanless computer features low 1.1-W CPU power consumption to deliver a combination of low overall power, low cost, and high computing performance. Included onboard are a 128-Mbyte DDR266 memory on a single small-outline dual-inline memory module slot, one UltraATA 66 IDE connector, and four Serial ATA connectors with RAID support (see the Figure).

The SBC supports several display options including VGA CRT monitors (1600 by 1200, 16 bytes/pixel at 85 Hz or 1280 by 1024, 24 bytes/pixel at 85 Hz), thin-film transsitor LCDs (1280 by 1024, 24 bytes/pixel), and low-voltage differential signalling. Key I/O interfaces include an ACPI-compliant 10/100BaseT local-area network port, four USB 1.1 ports, AC'97 audio, and a watchdog timer. The NuPRO-796 is compatible with a compact, wall-mount RK-604 chassis and the six-slot RK-606FC chassis, both from Adlink's line of chassis. NuPRO-796 prices start at $390, and discounts are available for volume purchases.

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