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Low-Profile Desktop Enclosure Helps Lower Board Temperatures

Measuring just 3.12" (H) x 13.18" (L) x 17" (W), the low-profile CoolSlot Pizzabox desktop enclosure is fully compliant with IEEE 1101.10 and 1101.11 requirements and is well suited for desktop applications. The 3-slot enclosure for 6U x 160-mm cards features the firm’s 3-slot CompactPCI backplane, which ensure low signal crosstalk and trouble-free system operation, it’s claimed.A 120-watt power supply provides ±5V, ±12V and 3.3V power to the backplane. Cooling is provided by dual tube axial fans and with air deflecting CoolSlot card guides in the card cage. The card guides are IEEE 1101.10-compliant and incorporate built-in deflectors that distribute air evenly, including under the extrusions. Extensive testing, which includes thermal modeling and simulation, is said to show a reduction in temperature rise of 20°C (an improvement of 50%) in board areas near the front panel and backplanes that are blocked by the extrusions and thus normally deprived of airflow. Additional features include provisions for 80-mm rear plug-in modules and transition modules, rear ac power switch, ac power cord, and rubber feet.

Company: HYBRICON CORP. - Sales Department

Product URL: Click here for more information

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