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Low-Profile Pushbutton Switches Use LED To Signal Actuation

The communications, medical and broadcasting industries are expected to generate the most interest in a new family of pushbutton switches boasting of a gaggle of interesting features. The UB2 Series of pushbutton switches embrace non-illuminated and single- and multi-element LED families, all offering a latchdown mechanism that operates independent of the switching mechanism and that provides visible, audible and tactile indications of circuit status. Other features of the STSP or DPDT pushbuttons include momentary or alternate action circuits, snap-in or pc board mounting styles, a guaranteed 1M mechanical actuations (min.), and a 5A at 125/250 Vac (30 Vdc) power rating or 0.4 VA at 28 Vac/Vdc max. logic-level rating. In addition, the non-illuminated switches have an opaque colored insert, the single-element LED types have a translucent color diffuser, while the multi-element LED switches are designed to change between red and green light emissions when actuated. UB2 pushbuttons also come with a stylishly sculpted, clear lens cap that enables operators to view the switch's status from the front or side.


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