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Low-Profile SMT BGA Optocoupler Meets Demanding Applications

Designed for demanding consumer electronics and industrial applications, the FODB100 Microcoupler boasts a transistor output housed in a surface-mount (SMT) ball-grid-array (BGA) package. This single-channel optocoupler from Fairchild Semiconductor measures 3.5 by 3.5 mm and has a low profile of 1.20 mm maximum. It also operates from −40°C to 125°C.

The Microcoupler consists of an aluminum-gallium-arsenide (AlGaAs) infrared LED that drives a silicon phototransistor. It has a high isolation voltage of 2500 VRMS for
1 s, a high current-transfer ratio of 600% maximum (at VCE of 5 V and IF of 5 mA), and a BVCEO rating of 80 V.

Its lead pattern optimizes pc-board space savings. Also, the Microcoupler can be used in lead-free infrared reflow soldering processes up to 260°C peak. It meets or exceeds the joint IPC/JEDEC and J-STD-020B standards and complies with the European Union requirements that will take effect in 2005. UL and VDE safety approvals are pending as well.

The Microcoupler is the first in a family of BGA units that will include dual and multiple channels. Fairchild will release a 5300-V version next. A quad-channel version will appear in July, and a version with output functions in single-channel and multiple-channel configurations will debut in the fourth quarter.

Priced at $0.25 each in 100-unit quantities, the FODB100 is available in tape-and-reel form. A VDE-approved version, the FODB100V, is available as well. Delivery is within eight weeks.

Fairchild Semiconductor

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