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Low RDS(ON) FET Shares Die Space With High IF Schottky Diode

Mainstream uses of chips combining a power MOSFET and Schottky diode are said to be dramatically expanded with the advent of the LITTLE FOOT Plus family. Designed to permit development of smaller, simpler boards and more efficient use of battery power, the new combination MOSFET and Schottky diode devices employ a FET having an on-resistance (RDS(ON)) as low as 13.5 milliohms and a diode having a forward current (IF) handling capability as high as 4A. Presently, the LITTLE FOOT Plus line has seven members. With a minimum FET RDS(ON) of 13.5 milliohms and a maximum Schottky average IF of 4A, Si4810DY, Si4832DY and Si4832DY 30V, n-channel, SO-8-packaged devices are targeted for use in dc-to-dc conversion circuits for notebook PCs and desktop CPUs. Si4833DY (SO-8) and Si6923DQ (TSSOP-8) are p-channel devices with a max. RDS(ON) of 85 milliohms and a max. average IF of 1.4A and are intended for use in battery charging and disconnect applications in cell phones. And the n-channel Si6820DQ and p-channel Si6821DQ are reduced gate charge devices for high-frequency, battery-operated power conversion uses in cell phones and other space-constrained systems.


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