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LVD SCSI Terminator Resides In BGA Package

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Said to be the industry's first high-performance, low-voltage-differential, SCSI terminator for active termination in a ball-grid-array package, the RT1300 provides precision termination for Ultra3 and Ultra4 performance and beyond. Featuring a solid ceramic substrate and low-profile BGA interconnect, the device virtually eliminates channel capacitance and lead inductance, it's claimed.
The 9-line RT1300 terminates LVD SCSI Parallel Interface-4 (SPI-4), also called Ultra320 or Ultra 4 (320-MB/s data transfer rate), and faster applications. The device's bandwidth is over 1 GHz and its channel capacitance is less than 0.2 pF.
The terminator's BGA package provides an ideal route-through pinout for easy pc board layout, the company says, minimizing design time and time to market. Designed for ease of use, the RT1300 targets applications such as RAID, server and advanced workstation disk storage systems.

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