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LVDT Conditioner’s Programmable Filter Removes Undesirable Signal Components

For use in the firm's SPS6000, SPS8000 and System 10 data acquisition/signal processing systems, the Model AA30 LVDT Conditioner Card offers a programmable low-pass active filter that removes any unwanted high-frequency measurement-signal components. Precise channel-by-channel tailoring of analog filtering is especially important when it comes to the elimination of aliasing. The board is for measurement of displacement, force, pressure and other parameters obtained with a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) or variable reluctance transducer (VRT). The card's enhanced linearity lets it accommodate a wide range of transducers, and standard input ranges are 70, 140, 280 and 410 mV/V with additional long-stroke ranges of 820 mV/V and 1.64 V/V. Measurement accuracy for all ranges is 0.02% of full scale following calibration. Filter cutoff selection is accomplished by hardware switches or configuration software.


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