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LynuxWorks RTOS Supports FPGA MCU

LynuxWorks LynxOS RTOS 5 was released earlier this year and was on display at Boston ESC. It incorporated new versions of tools like the Eclipse-based Luminosity 3.0 IDE. Major enhancements include SMP support and RAM support up to 2Gbytes. Also included in this new version is support for Ada and the ELF format. Keeping with its POSIX support, LynuxWorks adds support for POSIX 1003.1-2003 PSE 53/54. Device enhancements include support for USB 2.0, NFS v2/v4, and Serial ATA. LynxOS 5 also supports the new Linux Application Binary Interface (ABI). Also on the list of LynuxWorks announcements is support for Xilinx’s new 32-bit MicroBlaze V7 soft core. In particular, LynuxWorks targets this platform with its BlueCat-ME Linux. It will work with Xilinx’s Embedded Development Kit v9.2. The MicroBlaze adds optional support for a memory management unit (MMU). This allows the platform to support more advanced operating systems like Linux including BlueCat. Wrapping up the list of announcements is LynuxWorks support of Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing’s rugged, conduction-cooled SVME/DMV-183 Single-Board Computer. The LynxOS 4.2 board support package (BSP) is now available for the SVME/DMV-183. Related Links Curtis-Wright Embedded Computing LynuxWorks

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