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Machine Vision Card Supports Line And Area Scan Cameras

Capable of transferring images up to 10 times faster than multimedia-class boards and freeing up CPU time, the PCVision image capture board is targeted at machine vision applications that interface with digital cameras. The PCI bus card combines a high-performance frame grabber with digital I/O and special features that support various standard and non-standard area and line scan cameras. Up to three cameras can be interfaced with the card, and multiple PC-DIGs can be combined for demanding multi-camera/multi-tap applications.The high-speed image capture board also features two opto-coupled trigger inputs, a 24-bit programmable timer/counter, two RS-232 ports, and an OPTO22-compatible parallel port. It transfers images to on-board memory at rates up to 160 MB/s and makes continuous transfers to system or VGA memory at rates exceeding 100 MB/s. A variety of vision software tools is also available.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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