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Magnetic-Latching Relay Increases Performance Through

Boasting of a low intercontact capacitance, this new series of relays proposes to raise RF performance through and beyond the UHF spectrum. Series RF180 ultra-miniature, 4.5-GHz magnetic-latching relays are said to be shock, vibration and temperature resistant for use in space applications and other extreme environments. The series has been engineered for use in RF attenuators, RF switch matrices, automated test equipment, spacecraft, and other applications requiring dependable high-frequency performance. The hermetically sealed relays can be operated with a short-duration coil voltage pulse and are available in three coil voltages: 5, 12 and 26.5 Vdc. As a member of the Centrigrid family of relays, the RF180 series has a low profile and 0.100" grid spaced terminals, making it useful for applications where tight packaging and/or close PC board spacing are required. The relay measures 0.475" x .375" x .300", excluding leads, and weighs 0.1 oz. Series RF180 relays are priced at $35.85 each/500. TELEDYNE RELAYS, Hawthorne, CA. (800) 585-8255.


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