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Mainframe, Controller Added To PXI Express Line

Geotest-Marvin Test Instruments has expanded its line of PXI mainframes and controllers with the addition of the GX7600 9-slot, PXI Express/Smart/chassis series and the GX7940 PXI Express controller. The GX7940 is a single-slot controller and is available with a Pentium M 1.4-GHz or 2.0-GHz processor and up to 2 Gbytes of memory. The module supports Gigabit Ethernet and USB interfaces as well as the GX7600’s embedded storage peripherals.

The GX7600 Series mainframes are compact, 9-slot chassis that accommodate up to eight instruments and an embedded single-slot PXI Express controller such as the GX7940 or a PXI Express remote bus controller such as the x1 or x4 MXI-PXI Express interface. Like all other Geotest chassis products, the GX7600 incorporates built-in peripherals as well as chassis/Smart functions, which provide on-board per-slot temperature and power-supply monitoring.


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