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Management Boards Maintain Airflow

The company’s AM-ATCA280-100 PICMG 3.0-compliant, 8U 6HP thermal-management front panels are designed to ensure that airflow across the width of the chassis cannot take the path of least resistance through any unused slot positions. Airflow is restricted through empty slots and forced through those slots with active cards. For high-end applications, one of the two boards includes a side-two cover, allowing it to block off the air path between ISP and FR-4 air blockers. This forces all air to flow through the adjacent board components and heat sinks. For less demanding applications, the steel cover is not included as a cost reduction measure. Both versions are made of cold rolled steel with protective zinc plating and include a 280 mm or 70 mm deep FR-4 air slot blocker with an aluminum baffle. Pricing is $25 each/25. Electronic Solutions, Poway, CA. (858) 679-4550


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