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MCU Emulator Targets Cost Sensitive Applications

Designed to support the KOS eight-bit microcontroller family, the LCE low-cost emulator is claimed to provide affordable emulation and reduce time-to-market pressures. Employing a motherboard/daughterboard configuration, the emulator is equipped with a Windows 95/98/NT interface that is downline-loaded to on-board RAM. LCE features include up to 64-KB breakpoints with three fully-qualified breakpoints, real-time tracing, flash-programming capability via a DB-9 connector, up to 48 KB of emulation ROM, up to 1 KB of emulation RAM, and emulation at either 5V or 3V.The emulator includes a parallel interface to the host PC via a DB-25 connector, ribbon cables for the in-circuit emulator, and a 110-vac power-supply adapter. Also included are a C compiler, assembler and device files, and web-based software-design examples. Pricing for the LCE is under $500.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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