Electronic Design

MCU Kit Delivers High-Endurance FRAM

Ramtron's 40-MHz VRS51L3074 8051-based microcontroller with DSP extensions includes an 8-kbyte FRAM along with 64 kbytes of flash and 16 kbytes of SRAM. Peripherals include two UARTs, SPI, I2C, eight pulse-width modulators, and an on-board oscillator. The kit includes a Versa-JTAG debugger. The IDE includes a C compiler. The board also includes an FM31256 Processor Companion, an FM25CL64 Serial SPI FRAM, and an FM24CL64 Serial I2C FRAM. The VersaKit-30xx is available for $99. Housed in a QFP-64 package, the VRS51L3074 costs less than $5.


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