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MCUs Add External Flash Or EPROM

Offered as the industry's first ROM-less microcontrollers with expandable external memory, PIC18C601 and PIC18C801 microcontrollers allow users to add external Flash or EPROM to fit the program/data memory to the application. The devices expand the company's 18C architecture to a 6.25 MIPS CPU with an addressable memory size of up to 2 MB of program memory. Users can select either an eight- or 16-bit memory interface. Both devices feature external program memory with 1,536 bytes of RAM available on board. The PIC18C601 can address up to 256 KB of external program memory and the PIC18C801 can address up to 2 MB. Both devices offer integrated peripherals such as serial communications, with master I2C, SPI and addressable USART. Pricing is $3.48 for the PIC18C601 and $4.23 for the PIC18C801, each/10,000.


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