Electronic Design

MCUs Drive Up To 192 LCD Segments

Cost- and power-sensitive applications aren't limited by display capabilities with Microchip's latest PIC microcontrollers. The 10-MIPS PIC18FXX90 line drives up to 192 LCD segments and has an 8-by-8 hardware multiply. Multiplexing of pins gives designers a choice between peripherals and expanded LCD support. The PIC16F91X comes in a smaller package and drives up to 96 LCD segments while adding 256 bytes of EEPROM. Both feature multichannel 10-bit ADCs, dual comparators, and SPI, I2C, and UART support. A four-wire touchscreen interface utilizes the ADC. Designers can use an off-chip clock or an accurate 1% on-chip oscillator. The latter provides failsafe operation when used with an off-chip clock. Pricing starts at $2.15. The demo board shown above costs around $120.


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