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MCUs Possess x86 Compatibility

A new rating system from advanced micro devices complements a recently unveiled line of the company's x86-compatible processors. The rating system is designed to replace the megahertz-related naming convention for its embedded processors. It essentially matches the approach taken with AMD's Athlon and Opteron processor families, although the embedded family utilizes its own set of benchmark programs. The embedded results are called the Performance Power Rating. The new naming convention will also incorporate power consumption, another crucial embedded requirement.

Included in the 32-bit processor lines are the Geode NX and GX models. The NX 1500 and NX 1750 processors, based on the Athlon core, consume 6 and 14 W, respectively. The GX cores top out at a 533 rating at 1.1 W. Lower-rated processors consume even less power. The GX processors include peripherals such as integrated display controllers. The rating is for the core only, with a typical configuration consuming about 3.5 W. The display controllers contain video digital-to-analog converters and thin-film-transistor flat-panel interfaces.

Development boards for the NX 1500 and GX DB 533 are available for $500. The GX starts at $26.50, while pricing for the NX starts at $55.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

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