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Mechanisms Add Printing Capability To Portables

Both smaller and lighter than previous generations of printers, the FTP-628 series of battery-powered thermal print mechanisms has a 15.5-mm profile, weighs about 53g, and can accept 58-mm-wide paper with thickness ranging from 60 to 100 mm. The series is available in two models: the FTP-628MCL001 provides an automatic paper feeder, front paper-insertion path, and a head-up paper release; and the FTP-628MCL002 offers a manual paper feeder and a bottom insertion path. Both models have an enclosed gearbox and a 30-conductor flex circuit requiring a single connector. And both operate on battery power ranging from 4.2V to 8.5V. Using the direct thermal line-dot method, the printers offer a resolution of 203 dpi and maximum print speed of 60 mm/s. Operational life is 100 Mpulses or 50 km of paper. FTP-628MCL001 is priced at $45.95 each/100 and FTP-628MCL002, $43.24. A serial interface board, priced at $118.92, is also available.


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