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Media Processor Sets Stage For Advanced Internet Radio Apps

Media Processor Sets Stage For Advanced Internet Radio Apps

Embarking as a third-generation device, the DM870 family of media processors extend integration capabilities to address emerging digital-media feature requirements. Employing a triple-core approach, the family is optimized for complete streaming audio solutions that require support of internet radio and home network digital music content as well as support of popular broadband premium music services. Processing cores include a 240-MHz ARM926EJ system controller, real-time security processor, and a 600-MIPs audio engine. For development, the EVM CE-2 JukeBlox reference design hardware platform consists of the optimized DM870 core module and a CE-2 base board that includes a TFT display, tuner, ADCs, DACs, IDE, and iPod dock connectors. The CE-2 base board also includes all connectors for power and input/output connectivity. For further information and pricing, call BridgeCo Inc., El Segundo, CA. (310) 426-2136.
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