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MEMS Accelerometer Targets Motion-Based User Interfaces

Capable of implementing intuitive user interfaces based on movement in mobile phones, PDAs and other hand-held terminals, the LIS3L02 three-axis linear accelerometer combines a MEMS-based sensor and an interface chip in a single package. The device promises one-handed operation without styluses, thumb keyboards, or other input devices. It can also be deployed as a general-purpose vibration sensor in domestic appliances and industrial equipment to detect fault conditions. In a QFN package, the LIS3L02 is available in three types: the LIS3L02A provides an analog output; the LIS3L02P delivers both an analog voltage output and a PWM output; and the LIS3L02D provides a serial digital I2C output. Each type operates on a 3.3V to 5V supply and has an equivalent noise acceleration of better than 500 millionths of 1g. Additionally, the chips can withstand accelerations up to 1.5 kg. Samples of the LIS3L02 will be available in June with production quantities scheduled for January of 2004. Pricing is $5 each/250,000. STMICROELECTRONICS, Lexington, MA. (781) 861-2650.


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