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MEMS-Based Switch Fabric Device Integrates Control Electronics

In late 2002, samples are expected to be ready of new, monolithic MEMS-based switch fabric components that integrate control electronics to enable position sensing of the micro mirror structures. The first two products headed for the market are the dual-axis Optical iMEMS mirror element and Optical iMEMS 1x80 linear mirror array, with both of these application-specific standard products targeted at optical metro and regional network applications. The dual-axis Optical MEMS mirror element is a general-purpose tunable optical element featuring a single X-Y gimbaled mirror in a small, hermetically-sealed ceramic package with a glass lid. The mirror rotates in the X and Y axis ±5° from the normal position, with on-board electronics used to sense mirror tilt in the two axes--tilt angle is resolvable to the 12-bit level with update rates greater than 10 kHz. Four electrodes directly driven with external high-voltage signals are used to electrostatically actuate the mirror. The Optical iMEMS 1x80 linear mirror array is also a general-purpose tunable optical element, but consists of a linear array of 80 one-dimensional micro mirrors, with the device especially useful for processing demultiplexed fiber with 100-GHz spacing. The mirror array is housed in a small, hermetically-sealed ceramic package with an AR coated glass lid. Each mirror rotates in the X axis ±3° from the normal position and is electrostatically actuated by an external high-voltage signal. For both devices, signals pass to the mirrors through an optical-quality glass lid having an anti-reflection coating on both sides and optimized for L and C band laser wavelengths. For more information, contact Howard Wisniowski at ANALOG DEVICES INC., Cambridge, MA. (617) 761-7313.


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