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MEMS Relays Tout Dramatic Increase In Switching Times

Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) technology-- a semiconductor fabrication technology applied to electromechanical products-- has been tapped to produce a family of miniature relays considerably smaller, faster and longer lasting than traditional electromechanical relays (EMRs).
Etched from a silicon wafer, the microelectromechanical relays (MMRs) boast of an electrical life expectancy of 1 billion operations and have switching times of just 0.5 ms versus about 6.0 ms for EMRs. And for applications such as IC testing and RF communications products, the MMRs can provide greater current isolation, require less pc board real estate, and decrease power consumption.
Six-pin, gull-wing, 5.25 mm x 5.30 mm DIP and 2.0 mm x 3.0 mm chip versions are available. Price: $5 each. A 2.0 mm x 3.0 mm, 8 x 8-chip array of the MMR is on the drawing board.


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