Electronic Design

Metal Stripe Hikes Resistors' Power Capacity Without Hazardous Materials

A metal center stripe on the backplane of the APX-CS series of aluminum nitride resistors improves thermal conductivity through the application's groundplane, which enhances power capacity. The stripe (see the Figure), which is electrically isolated from both of the wrapped terminals, provides significant advantages to manufacturers of power supplies, two-way radios, industrial instruments, communications equipment, and other systems that require high power dissipation coupled with an environmentally safe solution. Not only does the center stripe deliver the enhanced performance without sacrificing board space, it also does not require use of potentially hazardous substances.

Standard resistor case sizes include 0805, 1206, 2010, 2512, 2525, and 3725. Larger sizes are available per customer specification. International Manufacturing Services Inc. product examples include, but are not limited to: the AP3-1206CS- (solderable), APC-1206CS (with solder-coated terminals), AP3-2010CS-, APC-2010CS, and so on. Resistor values for these devices extend from 1 Ω to 2 kΩ. For more information, check out www.ims-resistors.com.

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