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Meter Measures Repetitive Laser Pulses

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The Laserstar-RP laser power/energy measurement system measures repetitive pulses from a wide range of lasers. The system combines the measurement of average power using a thermal head with the measurement of relative pulse energy using a photodiode to yield the energy per pulse. Heads are available for measurement ofQ-switched lasers, Excimers, long-pulse and pulsed-diode lasers, high-power and industrial YAGs, and Alexandrite and ruby lasers.
Features include energy per pulse up to 100J, average power to 1500W, pulse frequency to 15 kHz, maximum pulse widths to 200 ms, and an absolute accuracy up to ±3%. On-board memory can store up to 50,000 points. Other features include an easy-to-read LCD with numerous measurement screens.

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