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Metric Connectors Come In Nine Styles

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Offered as a modular system, the MetCon 2 2-mm, hard metric connectors come in nine different styles: A, B25, B22, B19, AB25, AB22, AB19, C and D. Designed for use in high density back-panel to daughterboard applications, the connectors meet the requirements of the IEC-1076-4-101 international standard. They are end-to-end stackable, and each module style is a 5+2 system with five rows of signal contacts plus an optional two rows of ground contacts for EMI/RFI shielding. Other features include a socket and header design that is said to minimize pin stubbing. For further information and prices, call NORTHROP GRUMAN CORP., Watertown, CT. (860) 945-5000.

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