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Mezzanine Boards Offer A/D And I/O Solutions

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Designed to handle demanding real-time applications in high-performance VMEbus systems, these three industry-standard mezzanine boards join a family of more than 50 off-the-shelf I/O solutions for 'C6x-based digital signal processing boards for applications such as radar, sonar, speech, communications, imaging, industrial automation and process controls. Model 6211 A/D mezzanine board offers sampling rates up to 65 MHz and 12-bit accuracy with direct access to the DSP for real-time data processing. Model 6210 is identical to the 6211 but includes digital receiver capability. Model 6223 'C40 Comm Port Adapter is a mezzanine board that attaches directly to the firm's 4290 'C6x processor.

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